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Shipping Instructions

Shipping Instructions

Here are some quick instructions for shipping shocks in a box. 

       1-Take the shocks off your RZR.
        2- Decide if you are wanting to keep your stock springs.  If for some reason you do, I would recommend removing them before shipping because it will save you money in shipping and we don't ship factory springs back in the same box as the shocks.  So if you decide to keep them after they are here, you will have added shipping cost.  IF YOU DO REMOVE SPRINGS, PLEASE SEND US ALL OF THE PLASTIC SPRING DIVIDERS AND RETAINERS WITH GUARDS!
        3 - Remove all of your shock spacers and o-rings and keep with your shock bolts.  They will get lost in shipping or here at the shop if you send them!
        4 - Box them up.  We use a 36" x 12" x 12" box to send them back to you, and of course that is with springs on the shock.  But if you decide to take your factory springs off you can fit them in a much smaller box after you let the nitrogen out.  PLEASE DO NOT USE PACKING PEANUTS AND DO NOT SEND SHOCK BOLTS OR SPACERS AND O-RINGS!
        5 - Take them to UPS and ship them. 
                    Our mailing address is:
                       23011 North 16th Lane

                       Phoenix AZ 85027
        6 - Please email shipping@shocktherapyst.com your tracking # so that we know when to expect them.  When you do email us, please list any special instructions you might have along with your name and return shipping info.


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