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  • 3/4 inch TLS Kit hardware. Factory TLS Kit pictured with included stepped drill bit and red thread lock.

    Can Am X3 Toe Link Support (TLS) Kit

    Our new Can-Am toe link support (TLS) kit is now available! This kit includes all of the hardware needed to prevent or repair rear hub damage as well as provide support for the toe links on your Can-Am X3. The Can Am Toe Link Support kits are available...

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  • Our adjustable Shock Therapy limit strap kit for your X3 RS! quad layered straps with custom machined adjustable clevis

    Can-Am X3 Limit Straps Front or Rear

    Finally a cure for the front end CLUNK in the X3! As most people know, at full extension the shocks can make a loud clunk that feels like a hammer against the chassis. If you run aftermarket, heavier wheels and tires this clunk gets much worse. Although...

  • 2 pc preload collar

    Walker 2.5" Two Piece Pre-Load Collar

      So you are trying to raise the ride height on your RZR because it has settled a bit since you first bought it.  Or maybe you are installing your new spring kit for the weekend ride. You jack the car up and go to twist the pre-load collar in...

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  • Silent Cross Over Rings for Fox Shocks

     **The 2.55" and 3.05" crossovers listed in the options are a 2 piece design and are meant for Fox shocks produced in late 2019 or newer. This includes Turbo S Dynamix and XP Pro Ultimate models.    ******THESE ARE SOLD...

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  • Cross Over and Pre load Spanner Wrench

    Cross Over and Pre load Spanner Wrench

    Spanner Wrench for all applications. You can use this tool to set your preload or ride height. We make them for cross over rings, piggy back reservoir positioning and many other things. This also doubles as a bottle opener too. We have wrenches...

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  • Complete front sway bar system Three position adjustment

    Front Sway Bar Can Am X3 (72" Models only)

      FITS X3 72" MODELS ONLY!! ***If you are purchasing the sway bar only you MUST already have the Shock Therapy updated link kit shown in the video for correct fitment.*** After testing the stock X3 one of the handling characteristics we wanted to...

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  • XP Pro (DRS) Dual Rate Spring Kit

    XP Pro (DRS) Dual Rate Spring Kit

     Get rid of the collapsed upper spring and ride in comfort with you the Shock Therapy Dual Rate Spring Kit! Reap the benefits a Shock Therapy dual rate spring kit can bring to your machine, it will reduce washboard chatters, bucking through whoops,...

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  • Replacement Cross over o-rings

    Silent Cross Over Ring Replacement O-ring

    Replacement O-rings for Silent Cross Over Rings The O-rings we use are the same material NASA uses to seal compartments in satellites. Even though they are very tough, with time you may be able to wear one out or cut one by running through bushes. If...

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