BSD Kits

Shock Therapy BSD Kits

 ***All kits shown DO NOT come with tie rods***

 Full tie rod kits can be purchased HERE

BSD Kits are available for select Polaris, Kawasaki and Can-Am Maverick X3 UTVs. Bump steer is a change in toe setting (front of tires closer together than the rear of the tires) through the cycle of front suspension travel. The best set up is as close to zero toe change as possible. If your front tires change toe setting they are essentially doing the same thing as you turning the steering wheel slightly on every bump you hit.  Bump steer is one of the biggest contributors to steering wheel feedback, twitchy drivability, excessive front end wear and worn out forearms from trying to keep the car straight. So in an effort to eliminate all of these things we developed our BSD™ (bump steer delete™).

We have two different styles of BSD Kits:

Single Shear Ball Joint

Polaris RZR and Kawasaki KRX will use our BSD Pin Kit that replaces the factory single shear ball joint with a 5/8” rod end.

Dual Shear Rod End

Can-Am Maverick X3 BSD Kit is designed fr the double shear setup on the Can-Am knuckle.

Shock Therapy Tie Rod Kits include BSD Kits, but if you have a competitors tie-rod kit that has a 5/8” rod end, you can purchase our BSD Kit and minimize your bump steer.