Limit Straps

Limit Strap


Stop clunk

Especially as one upgrades to bigger tires and wheels on their rig, the ‘clunking’ sound of the shocks dropping out and hanging on the shock internals is probably a familiar one. Originally tuned for the factory wheel and tire settings, the internal system is not sufficient to arrest extension with heavier aftermarket upgrades –– leading to the characteristic metal-on-metal sound –– and making Limit Straps a must-have.

 Save the shock

While the clunk one hears is annoying enough on its own, it can also cause damage to the shock.

Over time, excessive clunking inevitably leads to a critical failure. Eventually, the little piece of shock shaft whose nut holds the whole piston assembly together will shear off right at the washer. The piston will pop off and the entire shaft comes right out of the shock.

Come adjustable to account for stretch

Shock Therapy makes the only limit strap that is completely adjustable at the shock body mount. This is important because all straps will stretch after some use from their length when purchased brand new. Usually after 200-300 miles, the straps manage to stretch about 1 to 1 ½ inches, and then settle into their ‘happy place’ and stop stretching further.

Intentionally buying shorter straps in anticipation of natural stretch over time isn’t a great option, as one inch of strap can translate to up to two inches of suspension travel reduction. The advantage of Shock Therapy limit straps is that one can adjust it to exactly the correct length –– raising it up only ¼ of an inch if need be while not losing any travel.

Bolt directly on - with no need for welding

Our patented billet aluminum upper clamp attaches to the body of the shock at the head, without the need for welding. The clamps are also ‘clock-able’ so it can spin around to avoid/clear body panels during install, as well as other clearance items such as radiator hoses and more.

Minimize leverage

As opposed to limit straps that connect to the frame or some other inbound location on the car, which increase the leverage on the strap, Shock Therapy’s limit straps remain in parallel with the shock itself –– likewise retaining optimal geometric alignment and increasing strap life. Additionally, we designed the clevis to be right up against the shock, allowing it to work on more models and producing less leverage on the system.

Prevent strap interference

Shock Therapy’s patented extension tether design keeps the slack of the limit strap in position. Otherwise, it can get caught on sway bar links, brake lines, or anything else in the way –– then, when one jumps for example, and it extends, it will rip it right off.

Save CV’s

Limit straps stop the system from extending past the maximum CV angle, which overtime leads to wear and potential failure of the joint itself.

Shock Therapy has Limit Strap Kits for Can-Am Maverick X3 (64” and 72”), most Polaris RZR models, Kawasaki KRX, Honda Talon and Yamaha RMAX.