New Product Release! Dual Rate Spring Kit  & Limit Straps for XP Pro, 4 seat, Walker Evans

New Product Release! Dual Rate Spring Kit & Limit Straps for XP Pro, 4 seat, Walker Evans

Posted by Shock Therapy, LLC. Justin Smith, Ari Bradshaw on Jul 8th 2020

New products released! Get them now for your XP Pro.

Our dual rate spring kit for the XP Pro, 4 seat, Walker Evans is now here! This spring kit will give you back the ride height you lost due to sagging stock springs. Our kits are custom tailored to your UTV weight and driving style. This kit will give you a much more plush ride quality at ride height where you need it most and give you much more bottom our resistance in the big hits to prevent bottoming out. Rear bucking and harsh steering wheel feel with be vastly improved as well. Our dual rate spring kits are the first thing we recommend when it comes to any UTV upgrade. As always, our springs are made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty.


The new Shock Therapy, front limit straps for the XP Pro, Walker Evans are here! These limit straps will stop all front end extension clunk that is common in these cars. The extension clunk happens when the shocks fully extend and the wheel and tire quickly hangs on the shock. This smack or clunk at the end is not only loud but damaging over time to the shocks and other suspension components. Our limit straps are the instant fix for this issue. Not only will they stop the clunk but they will save your shocks from premature failure as well as extend the life of other parts like your CV's.

The adjust ability of our kit and billet mounting on the shock itself lowers the leverage on the strap, extending strap life. The ability to adjust strap length lets you keep the system in perfect working order for the life of your car. The highest quality components, stainless spacers, quadruple stitched straps, retention tether and more make our limit strap kit the best on the market by leaps and bounds. Don't wait, order your limit strap kit today.