Polaris RZR Trail FOX Shock Upgrade

Polaris RZR Trail FOX Shock Upgrade

Posted by David Crowley on Jun 17th 2022

Purpose-built as a 50” trail side-by-side, Polaris’ RZR Trail undoubtedly comes packed with advanced technology, a variety of accessories, and quick acceleration to ensure all-day adventuring. However, as the premier suspension tuning company in the offroad industry, we think Polaris’ claim of “all-day comfort” leaves room for improvement –– especially if you’re planning on long rides or tackling rough terrain.

FOX QS3 Shocks

Packing the Factory Series 2.0 Quick Switch 3 with rebound (QS3-R), Shock Therapy’s Polaris RZR Trail FOX Shock Package provides for a massive upgrade over the factory non-adjustable Sachs shocks. Adjusting your shock’s compression and rebound damping –– which affects how quickly the shock extends and compresses –– allows for precise fine tuning to adjust and account for different spring rates, terrain, and vehicle speed for each ride. It affects the vehicle’s susceptibility to pitch/roll under acceleration and braking, as well as how quickly the suspension compresses and rebound when traveling through rough terrain.

The QS3 adjuster offers three specially-tuned, easy-to-use low-speed compression damping settings. The first provides for maximum comfort; the second, support during hard acceleration and cornering; and the third, the most responsive and stable handling at high speeds.

Designed to be bolt-on ready for ALL Polaris RZR Trail models with 50” - 55” widths, these shocks are an excellent upgrade from those that come stock on the Trail series –– especially in the case of the Sport and Premium models specifically –– where the OEM Sachs shocks are not serviceable, lack compression adjustment, and have minimal preload adjustment.

The Factory Series 2.0 Podium QS3-R shocks from FOX on the other hand, aren’t just rebuildable. They also give you the ability to adjust compression (3 positions) and rebound settings (16-click front/24-click rear) –– letting you tackle any terrain. The preload is also adjustable, giving you the ability to fine-tune your ride height.

In all, this FOX shock package offers a great upgrade for your Polaris RZR Trail.

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