Can-Am Maverick X3 XRS RR Smart Shox


Shock Therapy has a full suite of products to make your Can-Am Maverick X3 XRS Smart Shox perform at the highest level. From Dual-Rate Spring Kits and Ride Improvement System, Sway Bars, Bump Steer Delete and Limit Straps we can take your Maverick X3 suspension performance to the next level!

  • Can Am X3 Adjustable Rear Anti Sway Bar Kit Can Am X3 rear anti sway bar.

    Can Am X3 Adjustable Rear Anti Sway Bar Kit

    We spent 8 months of testing in all terrains and on many race cars and play cars, to perfect our rear anti sway bar for the Can-Am X3. This three way ADJUSTABLE anti sway bar is the only one that allows you to run the bar 20% softer than stock for slow,...

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  • Can Am X3 (DRS) Dual Rate Spring Kit Can Am X3 (DRS) Dual Rate Spring Kit

    Can Am X3 (DRS) Dual Rate Spring Kit

    Shock Therapy’s dual rate spring kit, is the best starting point to upgrade your suspension set up. A Shock therapy dual rate spring kit is going to be custom tailored to your units specific. We will take into account, driver weight, accessories,...

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    Shock Therapy Fox iQS Kit

     ****This product is always in stock!! You must call to order this kit as it requires an electronic adjuster to be installed on each shock and can only be done in shop. Call 623-217-4959 to order your kit today!! There is additional labor to install...

  • Our adjustable Shock Therapy limit strap kit for your X3 RS! quad layered straps with custom machined adjustable clevis

    Can-Am maverick X3 Limit Straps Front or Rear

    Finally a cure for the front end CLUNK in theCan-Am Maverick  X3! As most people know, at full extension the shocks can make a loud clunk that feels like a hammer against the chassis. If you run aftermarket, heavier wheels and tires this clunk gets...

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  • Billet X3 Radius Rod Kit Billet X3 Radius Rod Kit

    Can Am X3 Radius Rod Kit

      Shock Therapy X3 radius rod kits are here! Here are a few of the benefits to our radius rod kits: Available in both 1.250", 4130 chromoly or 7075 billet aluminum (1.25" diameter hex) Radius Rods are marked left hand and right hand thread for...

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  • Complete front sway bar system Three position adjustment

    Front Sway Bar Can Am X3 (72" Models only)

      FITS X3 72" MODELS ONLY!! ***If you are purchasing the sway bar only you MUST already have the Shock Therapy updated link kit shown in the video for correct fitment.*** After testing the stock X3 one of the handling characteristics we wanted to...

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  • Race Rack Only - no tie rods Race rack with full tie rod kit including BSD spacers

    Can-Am Maverick X3 Billet Steering Rack

    This product is currently out of stock and may take up to two months to ship.All orders and discounts will be honored if you order this product   Our billet race rack for the Can-Am Maverick X3 is now available (all models)  Keep in mind...

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  • 3/4 inch TLS Kit hardware. Factory TLS Kit pictured with included stepped drill bit and red thread lock.

    Can Am X3 Toe Link Support (TLS) Kit

    ***This kit is for 2017-2021 X3 model years ONLY and is not needed for 2022 and up*** Our new Can-Am toe link support (TLS) kit is now available! This kit includes all of the hardware needed to prevent or repair rear hub damage as well as provide...

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