Talon 1000X - 1000X Live Valve

Products for the Honda Talon 1000X/Live Valve

  • AGM Products Billet Divider for Fox 2.5/2.55 Inch Shocks AGM Products Billet Divider for 2.5 Inch Walker Shocks Running a 3.0 Inch ID Spring

    AGM Products Billet Spring Dividers

      NOTES: - Sold Individually When it comes to conquering the rugged terrains and unforgiving trails, your off-road vehicle needs the best to perform at your level.The AGM Suspension Sliders are that best in class performance, redefining the...

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  • Shock Savers Shock Savers

    Shock Saver

    ***Sold in pairs*** Protect your shocks with our new Shock Therapy Shock Saver. It's designed to be a universal fit with any 2.5 or 3.0 inch shock body. These Shock Savers will help protect your shock shafts from nicks and dents that will take out a...

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  • Shock Rebuild, Service and Repair Shock Rebuild, Service and Repair

    Shock Rebuild, Service and Repair

    ***The pricing on this page is for shock maintenance and service ONLY! For internal valving (RIS) pricing click HERE.***  Standard service and maintenance includes: Thorough inspection for damage/wear Replacement of seals/oil and nitrogen...

  • Front limit Strap Kit for XP Pro with Fox Live Valve Shocks

    Honda Talon Front or Rear Limit Strap Kits

    Shock Therapy has a cure for the front end CLUNK in Honda Talon models! As most people know, at full extension the shocks can make a loud clunk that feels like a hammer against the chassis. If you run aftermarket, heavier wheels and tires this clunk gets...

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  • Honda Talon Radius Rod Kit

    Honda Talon Radius Rod Kit

      Shock Therapy Honda Talon radius rod kits are here! Here are a few of the benefits to our radius rod kits:   7075 billet aluminum (1.25" diameter hex) Radius Rods are marked left hand and right hand thread for easy adjustment All kits...

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  • Honda Talon 1000R Spring kit

    Dual Rate Spring Kit (DRS) Honda Talon

    Looking for a HUGE improvement over the factory ride quality? We've got the cure! All Shock Therapy springs are manufactured here in the USA and custom tailored to your unit's specifics, we take into account; driver weight, vehicle...

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  • Honda Talon Ride Improvement System Honda Talon Ride Improvement System

    Honda Talon Ride Improvement System

    Stage 1: The Dual Rate Spring Kit Shock Therapy’s dual rate spring kit, is the best starting point to upgrade your suspension set up. A Shock therapy dual rate spring kit is going to be custom tailored to your units specific. We will take into...