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Ride Improvement System (RIS) for 2017 - 2019 XP 1000 CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT

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  • 2017 XP1000 with new style Walker Evans shocks
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 Product Description

Call us Prior to ordering this system as you must ship your shocks to us.

2017 RZR XP1000 uses different shocks than previous years and requires different internal work and spring kit than 2016 and older XP1000's

By far one of the best selling UTV’s on the market, the 2017 RZR XP 1000 uses it rich history and combines a great suspension design with over 100 horsepower to create an excellent performing package. All of the XPs come with Walker Evans shocks including a 2.5″ diameter rear, needle valve shocks that perform very well out of the box. But, Polaris places criteria on Walker Evans which tie their hands a bit when it comes to ride potential. They must set the RZR up for the worst case scenario ( from a ride perspective ) such as two 300 lb guys and a roof rack full of gear. Because of this the XP is set up way on the stiff side. All of the chop, rocks and wash board roads transfer straight through the chassis into the drivers seat and rattling your teeth.In addition to that if you drive in the dunes and turn the compression up for the big G outs, the small chatter gets much worse.

Our Stage 1 Ride Improvement System (RIS) cures all of this and more. It includes extensive, internal shock modifications aimed at smoothing out the ride and making the XP more stable as well.  By modifying the piston to improve and manage oil flow as well as change the valving and increase oil flow through the compression adjuster and machining the shock shaft, we can virtually eliminate all of the small chop and vibration transfer into your seat as well as increase the bump stage which stops the RZR from bottoming out in the G outs. Also, our valving changes cure most of the rear bucking that is prevalent in the factory2017 XP 1000.  Valving changes alone will not accomplish all of these improvements. Only by combining valving with all of the oil flow mods and machine work can this be done. In 2016 we installed over 1300 of these kits!  No one in the industry comes even close to the number of cars we do and we use this experience to create the best working kit for you, no matter what your driving style or terrain may be. With the stock set up a one hour drive through rough terrain may leave you feeling beat up and worn out. After the Stage 1 RIS you can run all day without that feeling. Your wife and passengers will thank you. Your friends will be jealous of your plush ride as well as the fact that they are slower than you through rough terrain. Our customers report 50% ride quality improvements with our Stage 1 RIS. Don’t wait, unlock the smooth ride potential in your RZR and become the fastest guy in your UTV group!

Stage 2 RIS adds our bigger anti sway bar to the rear of the RZR XP 1000. This eliminates the top heavy, body roll in the 1000. Our sway bar is heat treated and adjustable from 50%, 60% and 70% stiffer than the stock anti sway bar. This allows you to tune how much of a Corvette you want your RZR to feel like in the corners according to the terrain or track conditions. Combining the stage 1 RIS shock work with the stage 2 anti sway bar is a GIANT leap forward in performance and driving comfort and safety for your XP 1000. All of these stages can be done in any order if you like but we prefer to have the anti sway bar on the car before you combine the shock work of stage 1 with the spring kit of stage 2. Since we are adding a plush ride with these two stages we like to control any added body roll with our sway bar before it happens.

Stage 3 RIS adds our Dual Rate Spring kit to the stage 1 shock work and the stage 2 anti sway bar. The DRS uses our proprietary racing springs (all made in the USA!) and our Silent cross over rings to give you a much smoother and plush ride for the first few inches of wheel travel while simultaneously giving you thousands of pounds more spring force at full compression to prevent bottoming out in the biggest of hits. Also, our Silent cross over rings eliminate the clicking that comes with the standard cross over ring system. The best ride of all through all types of terrain and our springs are warrantied for life! 

NEW! Stage 4 RIS adds our FRONT, adjustable sway bar system to the Stage 3 kit. Our new bolt on front sway bar system really ramps up the stability of your RZR in the corners and high speed runs. The body roll that the rear sway bar eliminated is complimented by the front sway bar in such a way as to allow you to run the rear bar a little looser and the front bar on any setting you may like to create a balanced car in the corner. Four wheel drifts are possible where you would never have attempted them before. The front sway bar is useful in all situations but becomes a must have as traction goes up. The dunes, tacky dirt, race tracks and asphalt all require more front sway bar to keep the RZR balanced in the corner and our adjustable front and rear sway bars allow you to tune your car perfectly for your driving style and terrain. Rail corners at speeds no one can match with our tune-able front and rear sway bar systems.  You can expect a smooth and plush ride with huge bottom out resistance with our shock work and dual rate springs and Corvette cornering with our sway bar systems. The best of all possible handling scenarios!

Stage 1 RIS: custom piston and shaft machine work, new valving, compression adjuster flow improvement…………$649.95

Stage 2 RIS: adds a new rear ANTI SWAY BAR. Stage 1 plus stage 2………….$1199.95

Stage 3 RIS: adds our DRS kit to stage 1 and stage 2. total……………$2,119.75

Stage 4 RIS: adds our adjustable, FRONT anti sway bar to the Stage 3 RIS, Total…….$2,769.70 

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17-19 XP 1000

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