Shipping shocks "SHOX-IN-A-BOX"




Here are some quick instructions for shipping "SHOX-IN-A-BOX"

1). Call and make an appointment - (623) 217-4959

2). Take the shocks off your UTV.

         If you want to keep your stock springs, we recommend removing them before shipping because, if you decide to keep your factory springs once they're here, there will be an added shipping cost to return them.
         If your shocks are especially dirty, knock off any chunks of mud or debris before shipping.
         If we are installing a spring kit for you, please be sure to send the factory crossovers, preload collars (with plastic adapters where applicable), spring dividers, and retainers.
         Remove and keep all of your shock spacers (misalignment spacers) and o-rings with your shock bolts. They are not necessary for us, and are likely to get lost in shipping if you send them! Also, we do not have replacement o- rings and spacers for the upper and lower shock mounts of Walker Evans shocks, so please do not send them unless they’re stuck in there.



3). Box up the shocks leaving extra space around the shock for adequate padding/packing material. This will prevent your shocks from shifting around in the box during transit, minimizing the likelyhood of shipping damage.
         For ease of processing, please include a note inside the box with the customer name, appointment date, and contact number.
         If you are shipping electronically adjustable shocks (Live Valve, Smart Shox), take extra care to protect the plastic connectors because they are fragile!
         Please do not use packing peanuts, towels, or blankets, to pack your shocks. They don't work and packing peanuts are a mess!

4). Take them to a UPS store or FedEx and ship them to one of our addresses below.
         The address your shocks need to be sent to depends on which location your appointment is scheduled for. This is determined on the phone, with you, when the appointment is set.
         Shipping insurance is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If you choose not insure your shocks and they are lost or damaged in transit to us, the max value covered is $100 for both UPS and FedEX

23011 N 16th Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85027

North Carolina
10400 Bryton Corporate Center Drive
STE 300
Huntersville, NC 28078

5). Email with your tracking number.
         When emailing your tracking info, please list your name, appointment date, and return shipping info as well as any special instructions you might have.

6). We recommend reading our installation instructions for your kit in advance.
         Look up your year, make, and model in the instructions section of the website or visit our Youtube channel.