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Turbo S

Products for the Polaris XP Turbo S

  • Frame Supports for XP Turbo S

    Frame Supports for XP Turbo S

    Our new sway bar mount Frame Supports are in! As most of you are aware by now, the factory anti sway bar frame tabs are weak and tend to break with the stock sway bar under normal use. If you run hard or race you can guarantee this will happen to you...

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  • Limit Strap Clevis

    Limit Strap Clevis

    Direct clevis replacement for Shock Therapy limit straps These are sold individually **Only meant for Shock Therapy limit straps***

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  • Polaris Turbo S (DRS)     Dual Rate Spring Kit

    Polaris Turbo S (DRS) Dual Rate Spring Kit

    ****THIS KIT IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THE 2020 TURBO S DYNAMIX. WE HAVE TO DO FULL VALVING AND SPRING FOR THE 2020 TURBO S DYNAMIX*****    Shock Therapy’s dual rate spring kit, is the best starting point to upgrade your suspension set up. A...

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  • Race Rack & Pinion XP TURBO S & RS1

    Race Rack & Pinion XP TURBO S & RS1

        Please be aware that this steering rack is a race part and as such does NOT carry a warranty. Also, improper installation and/or maintenance may cause premature wear.  ***CLEVIS'S CAN NOT BE INSTALLED INTO RACE RACK, CLEVIS NEEDS...

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  • laser ingraved

    Turbo S Front and Rear Limit Strap Kits

    Turbo S Dynamix Front Limit Strap Install   Adjustable limit strap kit for the FRONT and REAR of the XP Turbo S     Finally a cure for the front end CLUNK in the XP Turbo S! As most people know, at full extension the shocks can...

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  • Turbo S Front Sway Bar Links

    Turbo S Front Sway Bar Links

    Shock Therapy's front adjustable link kit is not only for looks but is made for durability and performance. Some of the features of the Shock Therapy's front sway bar links: Black Anodized Adjustable Direct factory bolt on

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  • Adjustable, billet sway bar links

    Turbo S Rear Sway Bar Links

    Our adjustable sway bar links are a nice upgrade to the factory system. The factory links are weak and tend to bend. In addition, they use rubber bushings on both mounting ends. This rubber flexes and allows the effect of the anti sway bar to be limited...

  • Turbo S Radius Rods

    Turbo S Radius Rods

       Shock Therapy XP radius rod kits are here! Here are a few of the benefits to our radius rod kits:   Available in both 1.250", 4130 chromoly or 7075 billet aluminum (1.25" diameter hex) Radius Rods are marked left hand and right...

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